Salting Services

professional snow removal

Salting Service Options


Pre-Treatment- We can help combat ice by salting before each snow event

Clean up- In order to manage remaining snow & ice after the snow event we come and salt after the final plow to help it all melt away

Sidewalk saltings- We salt by hand to ensure coverage & keep them safe

Salt Barrels- We leave salt barrels on site & keep them full for your use


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Commercial snow removal

We want to do what it takes to keep your property safe!

That's why at Precision we offer complete parking lot, driveway, and sidewalk salting services 24/7 and we use products rated to work down to -20 degrees F. For maximum safety we recommend plan options that include pre-treatment and complete salting service after the final snow plow clean up. If you ever spot ice on your lot or walks just give us a call or report it on our mobile app and we will be on our way.

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