Lawn Mowing Services

professional lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing
  • Weekly Visits- Precision’s team will come to the property weekly to mow & maintain the lawn if it’s at or near a safe cutting length.
  • Bi-Weekly Visits- Precision’s team will cut every other week but the end appearance often isn’t the same as a weekly maintenance visit. 
  • One Time Event- If you have a party coming up & want your lawn to look great, or if you are going out of town and don’t want to come back to an overgrown yard, we’ve got you covered.

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Commercial lawn care

Let us take care of it all.

Precision’s team can make your property pop. Our trained team can work with you and your needs to make your property stand apart. With weekly, bi-weekly and one time services available, we will keep your property looking great. Our lawn service visits include mowing, garbage pickup, weed whipping (line trimming) around edges and obstacles, and blowing off all paved surfaces from clippings and leaves. In addition, Precision’s team can also bag, remove, and dispose of the clippings off site upon request. However this is often unnecessary unless the property has extremely long grass. With weekly maintenance visits bagging is often un-necessary because we use the highest end commercial mowers with patented cutting technology that not only cuts the grass but also mulches it up before putting it back into the lawn. This process allows the clippings to break down much quicker than clippings from traditional mowers. When the mulched clippings break down they act as a natural fertilizer by releasing microorganisms back into the soil, which keeps your lawn looking thicker and healthier.

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