Landscape Services

Pavers are stronger and last longer than any other paved surface option. At Precision we have installed millions of square feet of pavers over the years and have proof that they hold up for over 35 years. Click here for full catalog

When it comes to safety and functionality of your property, retaining walls are the key to leveling out and adding livable square footage to your property. Big or small Precision builds them all. Click here for full catalog

Get grilling with a new outdoor kitchen complete with an outdoor island for entertaining outdoors. Add in some custom outdoor games by Precision to keep everyone out and away from the TV. Click here for full catalog

We take care of all your landscape needs from start to finish down to the rock, mulch, plantings, and edging on your job site. Click here for full catalog

Outdoor games and chess board

Make the next addition to your home or business your back yard!

Outdoor living has never been easier with all of the functionality that is now possible in your custom outdoor kitchen thanks to advances in the development of outdoor rated appliances, electronics, and building materials. Eliminate trips in and out of the house by having a full outdoor kitchen with all of the functionality of your indoor kitchen. Adding an outdoor island or bar can give everyone a place to gather while the food is cooking or the games are being played. 

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