Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Precision focuses on every detail including:


Mulches- Mulch helps to keep plants moist and weeds down

Rocks- Using rock helps shed water away with minimal maintenance

Edging- Separate spaces and keep grass out of your beds with edging

Grading- The first step to proper drainage is correct grading 

Drainage- When grading alone isn't enough we have other ways to help

Grass Solutions- We install sod and seed to give you a lush and full lawn

Outdoor Lighting- Light up the night with landscape lighting

Plants and Trees- We keep color, maintenance level, and privacy in mind with all of our planting designs and installations.


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Plantings and rock in southeast metro

At Precision every detail matters!

From design to install Precision does it all while keeping your property, desired maintenance plan, and design preferences in mind. The materials you choose will effect the drainage control, the type of plants that can be grown in each area, and what irrigation solutions are available. Ground covers should be considered simultaneously with edging options, exterior colors, and the contours of your property.

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