Date: 1/26/2017 1:29 PM CST

Curb Appeal is everything when it comes to adding value to your home. At Precision, we are always asking the question “what can we do to maximize the value that we create for our customers?” The most effective way that we create value is through curb appeal. Creating a colorful and inviting home that catches the eye of everyone who passes it is our main goal. The graphic below is a chart from Viking Pavers and it shows that at as a whole, an investment in landscaping will add the most value to your home and yield the highest return on investment. You may think that you do not have the budget to landscape, but you can still create tremendous value from small and inexpensive ways. The ultimate goal of creating curb appeal is to make a great first impression. Adding colorful shrubs or flowers and maintaining a thick green lawn is the easiest way to create curb appeal. There are many other options to creating curb appeal. One of our favorite ways at Precision is adding a paver walkway or driveway that matches your home or adds a splash of color. Another great way to create curb appeal is to add fresh mulch or new landscape rock to your landscape beds. First impressions are everything and Precision can work with any budget to design a beautiful and functional landscape that adds the maximum value to your home by making it the centerpiece of your neighborhood.

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Date: 11/18/2016 3:53 PM CST

Try a living Christmas tree for the holidays! Everyone enjoys having a real Christmas Tree in their home for the holidays but many people worry about the inconveniences of going out to get one and hauling it into their home. With one phone call to Precision, you can have the Christmas tree of your choosing delivered to the room of your choice. It can be any size that you prefer and the best part is that the tree will be a live potted Spruce that can then be planted outdoors in the spring. You get to save a tree and also plant a new one in your yard. Nothing beats the real thing and what could be more convenient than delivery to the room that you choose! This is the “gift that will keep on giving” long after the holidays are over. There are many different options of trees and we can help you pick one that will go great in your home and yard. Call us for more information (651)-437-2305! 

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Date: 11/3/2016 3:11 PM CDT

      When thinking about investing in a new driveway or patio, it is very important to think in terms of the long run. You need to think about what future maintenance will be required and also what choice will lead to more benefits in the coming years. When you ask yourself the previous questions, the answer is easy. Choose a paver patio or paver driveway. A concrete slab will settle and crack leading to costly repairs. With the harsh winters of the midwest, this happens faster than you would expect for such an expensive investment. Concrete also stains easily and fades over time. Repairing or re-pouring a concrete slab takes more time and money because of difficult tear out and the replacement cost of the product. When you choose to invest in a paver patio or driveway, the future maintenance is much easier and cost effective. Pavers are very strong and will almost never crack. According to, “Concrete pavers will typically support the weight of several cars and withstand pressure up to 8000 psi because of how they are made. (Concrete can usually only hold weight up to 1500-2500 psi without cracking.)” As you can see, pavers are very durable and much stronger than concrete, and if they do crack it is easier to replace. Pavers can settle, and if they do, it will be limited to a portion of them. The pavers can be repaired by simply removing the settled ones, re-compacting the ground below them, and putting the same pavers back in place. This is a much cheaper option than having to repair a concrete slab.
      There are also other great benefits to choosing pavers. If you are looking to add curb appeal or value to your home or place of business, pavers are a great way to do so. There are many different colors of pavers so you can match them with your home or go with a colorful design that will be the centerpiece of your yard! With the wide variety in type of paver you are given the ability to choose a larger slate or smaller cobblestones that can better fit the theme or design of your home. The different styles and patterns of pavers also add different textures to your landscape and you are truly only limited by your creative imagination. Pavers can be cut, curved, or turned into any shape that you want, creating the dynamic outdoor living space of your dreams.
      Water flow is a major concern for both businesses and homeowners, the different types of pavers allow us to more easily and strategically control the flow of water than with concrete. Pavers give you  permeability meaning that you can design the joints to allow water to settle between them and be absorbed into the ground. This is great for larger parking lots and areas with high volumes of water as it literally decreases the amount of water flowing or pooling on the lot. In other circumstances you can use tighter joints and polymeric sand to allow for less permeability in an effort to direct water away or towards an certain point.    
     So while the initial investment may be higher, pavers usually end up lasting longer and provide a more attractive investment to your property. The versatility of paver products give them a wide array of benefits that can be worth the costs. For more information about paver patios, driveways or the products we use, check out our catalogues at

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Date: 3/14/2016 4:03 PM CDT

Aside from the obvious of ensuring that your contractor is properly licensed and insured, you might want to look into what they know and what they can really do for you. A good place to start getting to know your contractor is through online reviews, on trusted sites such as the BBB. It is also always important to ask your contractor for past job refrences, and to actually go and check them out. Ask to see a project they did two or three years ago, by taking a look you can see what kind of quality their work is truly made of. If they dont have any to show you then they either do low quality work or are just getting started. At Precision we would be more than happy to show you our projects going back 35 years.

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Date: 2/27/2016 4:33 PM CST

The snow is melting and many of us can't wait to get back outside again. This beautiful weather has many of us dying to get back to those projects we couldn't quite finish last fall. As our lawns begin to turn green the temptation to get out and begin lawn care rises. Try to avoid any heavy yard work until the soil dries out. Hard raking and foot traffic are hard on roots when the soil is wet and can severely damage your lawn. Spring is the best time of year for controlling weeds, by using a pre-emergent weed control you can help stop pesky weeds before they begin. An alternative to pre-emergent control is seeding, by adding seed to your lawn; it thickens and acts as a barrier allowing fewer weeds to develop. Heavy foot traffic may kill spots and allow weeds to emerge. Typically you should wait to fertilize until April or May after the last frost, be conscious of time of year and type of fertilizer you are applying. When the weather gets hot and dry some fertilizers can actually hurt lawn health by promoting growth at the wrong times. Cooler air tends to dry out plants more quickly, make sure your lawn is getting at lease 1” of water per week. When it comes time to mow, it is best to set your mower to a height of about 3 inches; this is a healthy height that can help to keep the grass healthy all season long. Finally clean any remaining leaves from the fall. 

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Date: 2/27/2016 4:27 PM CST

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